Blenders submersible: SATURN ST-FP0043

Blenders submersible: SATURN ST-FP0043
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  • Blender - a kitchen appliance, which greatly simplifies the process of cooking. No modern hostess would miss the opportunity to buy a good quality blender. And there is the only one reason for this - the blender significantly reduces time to prepare even the most exquisite dishes.

    The Saturn Company introduces a highly functional blender of a modern design. SATURN ST-FP0043 blender is equipped with a powerful motor and works with the power of 700 Watts. For more comfortable work, the blender has 2 speeds. The blender has a turbo mode to cope with food products much easier.

    This stylish blender offers excellent ergonomics. The buttons are in the center of the body and they are switched easily. The blender fits comfortably in hand due to a rubberized grip, and it does not slip out during use. The buttons come with LED backlighting.

    ST-FP0043 blender is a mini food-processor, which is capable of performing necessary functions while taking significantly less space in your kitchen. The blender is perfect for chopping, grinding, mixing, cutting and kneading food products.

    With the ST-FP0043 blender you will much faster cope with chopping vegetables, cutting meat, mixing creamy soup, or whisking eggs for a cake.

    The assembling of the blender is very simple – the powerful motor unit can be attached to a blender shaft, a whisk or a chopper. The shaft and foot are made of stainless steel. The 1750 ml chopper bowl is made of high quality plastic, as well as a 600 ml measuring cup. Thanks to useful accessories, the blender can work very effectively.

    You can purchase the SATURN ST-FP0043 blender at the best price on the link You can order it any convenient way: call our hot line, or place an order online in the cart.
    • Power, W: 700
    • Body Material: Stainless Steel
    • Speeds: 2
    • Graters: Да
    • Speed Regulator: Да
    • Blender Rod Material: Stainless Steel
    • Food Processor Bowl: Да
    • Whisk: Да
    • Measuring Cup: Да
    • Features: Buttons with LED backlight, Rubberized handle, Power speed control, Stainless steel blades
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