LIVE FEST 2017: The largest flag of Ukraine was deployed on Khreshchatyk street

Live long, live happily, live forever! Thousands of Ukrainians have heard this slogan during the annual social-cultural festival # LIVEFEST2017 where TM Saturn was one of the sponsors. Healthy living, active civic position, strong families, culture of servicing a neighbor, patriotic spirit, responsibility before the descendants and the Creator. According to the Fest organizers, these very principles are the basis of the formula of happy and long life. Numerous charitable and community organizations attended the festival creating a festival town where guests were consulted, entertained, participated in numerous quizzes and sports competitions, receiving gifts from the event partners including gifts from TM Saturn.

The festival took place with the support of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine and the Kyiv City State Administration. LIVEFEST was opened by the welcoming word from the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine and by balls parade. All guests participated in the deployment of the longest flag of Ukraine. The anthem of Ukraine was performed by the opera singer, famous tenor Yuri Godo. Kievers were pleased with the bright evening show "Celebrate life!" with the participation of Voice of the country Oleksandr Klymenko, Anton Kargatov, Roman Vashchuk, Osamyta, groups "VRODA", "Numer 482", IFOUND // WORSHIP, ballet "Narnia". Bright fire show ended the LIVEFEST!

We share with you photos and videos from the festival!

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